To enjoy life is to live a healthy life. Lawn Doctor Turf Farms understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and understand the critical role turf grass plays in this. Not only does it improve our air quality and keep our communities clean, studies have shown that people who have access to lawns and parks have reduced stress levels, experience quicker recovery from illness, have better immunity to disease, experience a better quality of family life and show greater productivity in their working lives. It is also undoubtedly the best surface for recreation, sporting activities and outdoor entertaining due to its cushioning surface enabling it to prevent injury as well as the ability to prevent contamination by absorbing spills, blood and bacteria.

We believe everyone should reap these many benefits that having access to lawn and park areas can provide. To help bring our dream into fruition we will be donating FREE lawn each month to an eligible recipient.

If you are part of a community project or not for profit organisation and in need of a new lawn, please email us an application to

*Make sure to include details of the organisation or project you are part of.

*State the amount of turf you require and the turf variety you would prefer.