Bi Agra


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Bi Agra is a new innovation in the fight against hydrophobic soils.

Bi Agra is not just a wetting agent it is a Moisture Retaining Aid as well. All other wetting agents work by getting your soil to accept the water.

Bi Agra is a revolutionary new product as it not only gets your soil to accept the water, it also helps your soil to hold the water for longer, thus giving a dual action effect that has been tested by the University of WA. This product was specially developed for Western Australia soil types. It is different as well to conventional water crystals, which work by swelling up and dispersing the water gradually over a period of time, Bi Agra works  directly on the water holding properties of the soil itself.

It should be applied at the start of spring as it is easier to keep soil moist then to try and re wet it once it has dried out. We also reccomend it be  re applied in December when the really hot weather starts and again in February when the turf is really struggling.

You should also give another dose if you see your lawn going a bluey grey colour and the leaf shrivelling up. For more information to help with your turf developing dry patches go to