Sir Walter Lawn has now been DNA Certified

This means that only when you buy your Sir Walter from Lawn Solutions Australia grower Lawn Doctor in Perth, you can you be sure you are getting the genuine Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo.

For many years Sir Walter lawn was protected by Plant Breeders Rights. Unfortunately, like Patents, these only last a certain amount of time. In 2018 this protection will run out and Sir Walter will no longer be protected.

What this means for the consumer is that any turf grower can call any variety of grass after Australia’s most popular variety, Sir Walter, even if it is not even buffalo! The answer for the consumer; only buy DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Turf from Perth’s one stop turf shop.

Did you know?

You’ll be backed by our 10 Year Product Warranty
With every DNA Certified Sir Walter buffalo lawn purchase, no matter how big or small, you will be issued with a Lawn Solutions Australia Product Warranty Certificate. This certificate is to ensure that you are receiving Genuine Sir Walter. As a member of the Lawn Solutions Australia house of brands, your purchase of DNA Certified Sir Walter buffalo lawn will also be covered by our nationwide warranty. This is all available from Lawn Doctor Perth.

How do you know It’s Genuine Sir Walter?

In late 2015, Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) commenced an extensive DNA testing process with our members to further ensure Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn that is produced and sold by LSA members is the genuine, high quality turf product which Australians know and trust.

To ensure you are purchasing DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn, always be sure you are purchasing from a Lawn Solutions Australia member or accredited Lawn Solutions Centre. Always look for the Sir Walter DNA Certified logo and be sure to check you have received a copy of Lawn Solutions Australia’s 10-year product warranty certificate with your order.

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The reasons Sir Walter Lawn has been so successful in Australia

Lawn that is Australian Born and Bred

Born and bred under tough Australian conditions, Sir Walter Turf has had to undergo stringent testing to ensure it can live up to breeders’ expectations. Other generic types of soft leaf and velvet buffalo have not been tested to ensure that they stand up to the extremes of our climate. Another advantage is that it can be established in your garden all year round.

 Softer Than Soft

Sir Walter Turf should not be confused with the prickly buffalo predecessors that many are familiar with. One of the best things about Sir Walter Turf is the luxurious feel under foot that will not irritate even the tenderest of skins.

 Tougher than Tough

Sir Walter Turf is remarkably hard wearing, and has the longest growing season of all the buffaloes. Since it does not go dormant, it is self-repairing and will quickly bounce back, making it perfect for pets, kids play areas and under clotheslines. Furthermore, Sir Walter Turf achieves this performance with far less fertiliser requirements than couch lawns, thus reducing the risk of excess nutrients leaching into our ground water supplies, and ultimately, into our already strained rivers.

 Drought Tolerant

Sir Walter Turf has deep roots, a low thatch habit and a tight growth sward which allows it to meet all the expectations of a drought tolerant lawn when managed correctly.

If the easy maintenance guide is followed (correct watering, fertilising and mowing practices), Sir Walter also stays greener throughout summer and winter and does not lose its colour like couches and other varieties of soft leaf or velvet buffalo. Sir Walter Turf also thrives in coastal locations where other varieties struggle due to high alkalinity levels in the soil.

For  information on watering regulations, contact the Water Corporation on 13 10 39 or visit their website on

Proven Shade Tolerance

Sir Walter Turf has proven shade tolerance so this makes it ideal for small courtyard areas and under trees and its lateral growth pattern means it won’t be invasive in your garden areas and paving. Sir Walter Turf is the first buffalo lawn in Australia to thrive both under a blazing sun and in shaded positions.

 Easy Maintenance

If you are looking for a lawn that is less work and maintenance then Sir Walter Premium Turf is the lawn for you. Its fast growing habit means that damage is repaired more quickly and its low thatch forms a tight sward that keeps moisture in and weeds out. It is also more resistant to many insects and fungicidal pests, which means less spraying and therefore better for you and the environment. If spraying does however become necessary over the lifetime of your lawn it is the only buffalo grass that you can be sure can handle being treated without retardation in its growth pattern.
Because of Sir Walter Turfs growth pattern it is non invasive to your garden beds and paving. This means that a regular mechanical edge is all that is necessary to keep your lawn areas separate.

Unlike couch, the home gardener can also achieve an excellent result using either a cylinder or rotary type mower. Sir Walter Turf’s low thatch habit means that it also doesn’t need annual vertimowing like couch varieties.

Why choose DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo?

  • Australia’s No.1 Buffalo Lawn
  • Comes With A 10 Year Product Warranty
  • Requires Little Mowing & Fertilising
  • Disease & Fungus Resistant
  • Great In Full Sun & Shade
  • Weed & Insect Resistant
  • Low Water Requirements
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Wear Resistant
  • Self Repairing
  • Salt Tolerant
  • Soft To Touch
  • Low Allergy
  • Australian Born & Bred

There is really no match for DNA Certified Sir Walter Lawn

Sir Walter Lawn is Australia’s (and Western Australia’s) top selling buffalo lawn turf. Sir Walter outsells Palmetto, Sapphire and all the other buffalo varieties put together. Lawn Doctor Perth sells more Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn then any other Perth farm and most of our sales come from word of mouth referrals.

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