As we enter the last few weeks of autumn, it is important to make sure that you take steps now to give your lawn the best chance to thrive during the colder months. Most grasses in Australia are warm season turf varieties (Buffalo, Kikuyu, Couch and Zoysia), and due to this, as the temperatures get cooler, their growth slows down. This results in a less vibrant lawn through winter. To help give your lawn the boost it needs to carry it through winter we’ve put together 7 Autumn Lawn Care Tips.

1. Clear Debris Regularly

As the temperatures drop, many trees and shrubs will drop their leaves. It is important to blow and/or rake these up regularly to make sure that your lawn gets as much sunlight as possible.

2. Minimise Shade

Following on from this point, as the days get shorter it is also important to minimise the shade on your lawn (from umbrellas, outdoor furniture etc.). Less sunlight can cause your lawn to lose its vibrancy which will only make it struggle more through winter.

3. Apply Pre-emergent Herbicide

As we mentioned earlier, whilst the colder temperatures slow our turf’s growth down, winter grasses thrive as the temperature drops. This is why it’s important to apply a pre-emergent herbicide in Autumn before they can take hold.



Barricade is a pre emergent herbicide for grasses and broadleaf weeds including winter grass. Safe to use on all lawn varieties.

Freehand Herbicide


Freehand is a pre-emergent herbicide that prevents weeds from germinating. This powerful herbicide is labeled for the control and suppression of more than 60 of the toughest, most troublesome weeds.

OxaFert Pre – Emergent Weedkiller


OxaFert weedkiller is a pre-emergent herbicide and fertiliser that targets weed seeds before they take hold. Targeted weeds are Broad Leaf Weeds such as bindii and flatweed, Wintergrass, Summergrass, Creeping Oxalis and Crowsfoot.

4. Raise Mower Blades

During Autumn make sure to raise the height of your mower 1 or 2 notches. This will help your lawn to thicken up through winter and block out any weeds.

5. Aerate Your Lawn

Remember all of those BBQ’s and backyard footy matches you hosted over summer? All of this use will have compacted the soil beneath your turf down. Compacted soil means that water and much-needed nutrients will not be able to filter down into your root system effectively. To rectify this, and loosen your soil, you need to aerate your lawn. This can be easily done with a garden fork or aerator sandals.

6. Apply Fertiliser

Autumn is also a great time to apply fertiliser to your lawn in order to provide essential nutrients for the cooler months. This will encourage stronger roots and a deeper colour for longer and will also help to mitigate any effects of summer stress. It is a good idea to use a slow-release fertiliser to give your lawn an initial nutrient boost, followed by a slow deposit of nutrients for the following months.

7. Don’t Over Water

Finally, due to the recent wet weather, it is not necessary to water your lawn unless it really needs it over the next few weeks. If your lawn does need some hydration, remember to do this in the early mornings for the best results.

For more seasonal lawn tips, don’t forget to download our Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Guide!