Aqua Force and Bi-Agra is the latest soil wetting system in the market. Aqua Force is a premium grade commercial wetting agent which allows for deep water penetration into the soil. Bi-Agra is not just a wetting agent it is a Moisture Retaining Aid as well, meaning it will encourage your soil to hold the water once it has penetrated into the soil.

How to Use

For best results they should be used two weeks apart.

While each product can be used on their own, for best results in our dry sandy soils it is recommended they be used together.

Do not confuse Bi-Agra with conventional water crystals, which work by swelling up and dispersing the water gradually over a period, Bi Agra works directly on the water holding properties of the soil itself. Bi-Agra will also help to slow down the evaporation rate.

When to Use

Aqua Force and Bi-Agra should be applied at the start of spring as it is easier to keep soil moist then to try and re wet it once it has dried out. UWA research also recommends it be re applied in December when the hot weather starts and again in February when the turf is really struggling.

You should also give another dose if you see your lawn going a bluey grey colour and the leaf shrivelling up.



Bi-Agra wetting agent is a new innovation in the fight against hydrophobic soils. A moisture retaining aid as well it is great for lawns and gardens.