AusGAP – The Australian Turf Certification Program  has been adopted by Lawn Solutions Australia growers to provide consumers with the utmost confidence in our products and services.

Aus Gap is an Industry Standard Accreditation Program, which incorporates the International Turfgrass Assurance Program, a quality assurance program used throughout the USA and other parts of the world. The program covers turf production, service delivery and turf management practices.

AusGAP certification not only ensures genetic purity of turf grass varieties, it provides assurance that the entire production, delivery, installation and maintenance process has been undertaken to the highest industry standards.

Lawn Doctor has again proven their innovation and leadership in the industry, by being the first turf company to achieve the Aus Gap accreditation in Western Australia. To achieve this Lawn Doctor had to prove they had the required practices and processes in their Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Manual to meet the certification guidelines.