Autumn Lawn Tips

Autumn Lawn Tips

Autumn Lawn Tips can help you to keep a green, vigorous and healthy lawn through winter and set you up for Spring Water restrictions. For this reason, Autumn is the most important time of the year to spend time on your lawn. You want to create conditions that encourage strong root growth. This will allow your lawn to develop into a thick lush matt that repels weeds and other turf varieties and can handle insects without them becoming a problem. This way you can have an environmentally friendly “green” lawn.

Breeding turf varieties that can hold of winter dormancy has become an important consideration. New age grass varieties such as DNA Certified Sir Walter, TifTuf Hybrid Couch and Sir Grange Zoysia have been specifically bred to go less dormant in winter. Saying this, all lawn varieties will benefit from following these Autumn Lawn Tips


Fertilising at the end of April / May is extremely important to help stave of the winter dormancy. The longer you can keep the lawn roots active the better chance you will have of getting a strong lawn sward. This will help the lawn compete against winter weeds and shaded areas that get even less sunlight in winter.


To keep up this activity it is advisable to apply a granular fertiliser which has some iron and manganese and other necessary trace elements. It is best to use a fertiliser made for Perth conditions and soil types. Lawn Doctor recommends their own Knights Special Coastal Mix. This product has been made by us for over 20 years and has fantastic results. Other products we recommend are Eco Prime Emerald and Bailey’s 311. 

Autumn Lawn Tips

Knights Coastal Special Lawn Mix


Knights Coastal Special lawn Mix is a lawn fertiliser made by Lawn Doctor Turf Solutions to suit our coastal sands. High in iron and trace elements and guaranteed to be the best thing you could give your lawn.

Baileys 3.1.1 20kg


Baileys 311 is a premium, fully granulated, balanced formula of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements iron and manganese.


Your mowing should continue regularly at 25mm, however the blades should be raised to around 40mm if the buffalo has been planted in shaded areas. Regular mowing will also remove seed heads from weeds, so cutting down the amount of germination for future seasons.

De Compaction and Aeration

Trees and Shade Sails

If your lawn has been laid in heavy shade areas that has trouble drying out it is important to break the ground open to allow the water to drain away. While turf needs water, it doesn’t like to have wet, soggy feet. This causes the roots to rot and again creates patchy growth and even areas to die back completely. The best method in a small area is to work a garden fork backwards and forwards.

This is the time to look at cutting back or thinning out any trees or shrubs that are creating excess shade. Also remember to roll up any shade sail as turf needs as much sun light as possible to photosynthesise and create the food it needs for strong growth (at least 4 hours a day is ideal for Sir Walter). If you are thinking of planting a tree in a lawn area it is a good idea to look at a small deciduous variety. These will lose their leaves in the colder months, allowing your turf access to sunlight while still providing shade in summer.


Winter weeds compete with your turf for nutrients and the weaker your turf matt is, the more the weeds can take a hold. Applying a pre emergent herbicide will help slow down the amount of weeds you get in winter. There are some very good products available in both a granular and liquid form that will help with winter grass and broad leaf weeds.

OxaFert Pre – Emergent Weedkiller


OxaFert weedkiller is a pre-emergent herbicide and fertiliser that targets weed seeds before they take hold. Targeted weeds are Broad Leaf Weeds such as bindii and flatweed, Wintergrass, Summergrass, Creeping Oxalis and Crowsfoot.

Oxa Pro


Oxa Pro is for the pre emergent control of wintergrass, summergrass, crab grass and broad leaf weeds. Also contains a fertiliser.

Lawn Grubs

Pests such as Armyworm have become a problem in Perth lawns over the last couple of years as we have had more humid days. You can use contact products or residual products. The contact products will only kill what grubs are in the ground on treatment so will have to be reapplied every couple of weeks until the moth laying the grubs has moved on. Residual products are applied once and stay in the soil for up to 6 months.

Acelepryn GR


Acelepryn GR is a commercial grade granular pest control for your lawns that is safe to use around the home.

1.5 kg per 100sqm.

Out of stock

Lawnporn History


Lawnporn History Systemic insecticide is a professional lawn solution for the control of lawn pests including African Black Beetle,Scarabs and Larvae.

Baythroid Advanced


Baythroid is an ideal general contact insecticide, controlling a wide range of insects.

Suitable for use on several ornamental plants, including natives and lawns.

Grub Guard RTU 2 Ltrs


Grub Guard kills aphids, bugs, caterpillars and many other pests, and it’s the only product on the market that kills lawn grub larva. That means you can use it post attack from a host of pests and prior to an attack from grubs.

CompelOut of stock



Compel Bifenthrin is a broad spectrum insecticide containing 100g/L of the active constituent Bifenthrin. It is registered for control of lawn grubs and ants in turf.

Meridian Insecticide


Meridian Insecticide is for season long control of African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab and Billbug in lawns. This product is effective by both having contact with the lawn pest, and by the lawn pest ingesting treated grass.