How to apply ColourGuard RTU.

ColourGuard RTU is easy to apply – just follow the below steps.

Sick of not having a green lawn, well now you can, just colour it for an instant green lawn that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Lawn Doctor has a great new product which is perfect for Perth. It is called Colourguard RTU and  is a natural, organic pigment that colours the leaf of the turf.

The natural colour lasts up to 3 months and wont mow off with no adverse effects to turf health.

Colourguard is safe for the environment, pets and people and is non toxic.

Any underlying issues such as water penetration and fertiliser  must be addressed to ensure the long term health of your turf, however having a green lawn is now as simple as attaching the hose to the RTU bottle.

Wintergreen Couch before Colourguard                                Wintergreen Couch after Colourguard

How to apply with a spray pack

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