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Activ8EXTRA ia a biologically enhanced liquid fertiliser with added organics including kelp, worm extracts and humates. Lawns and Leafy plants



Activ8MATE is a biologically enhanced fertiliser with added seaweed, fish, humus and worm extracts. Feeds soil microbes and plants

Baileys 3.1.1 20kg


Baileys 311 is a premium, fully granulated, balanced formula of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements iron and manganese.

Baileys 4.1.1 20kg


Baileys 411 is a premium grade, phosphate free , turf fertiliser. It is an All Seasons fertiliser suitable for use all year round.

Baileys Brilliance 20kg


Baileys Brilliance is a premium grade, fully granulated phosphate free fertiliser. Containing high nitrogen and good potassium levels plus trace elements,

Baileys GT Green Plus


Baileys GT Green Plus is a popular liquid product for commercial turf managers. Baileys now have a handy 1lt for our residential customers. As a liquid it can be used in winter when the lawn roots have gone dormant as the product is taken in through the leaf. Contains nitrogen for leaf growth.

Baileys Liquid Iron and Manganese


Baileys Liquid Iron and Manganese is one of their most popular liquids for commercial turf managers, now in a handy 1lt size for residential lawns. This product does not contain nitrogen so will green your lawn up without excessive leaf growth. Also, being a liquid and taken up through the turf leaf, this product is great to use in winter to green up your lawn if the roots of your grass have gone dormant.

ColourGuard Plus Lawn Paint Ready to Use 2ltr


ColourGuard Lawn Paint will instantly green and fertilise your lawn. ColourGuard is a natural turf grass colourant that is environmentally friendly and 100% organic. It contains Nitrogen, Iron and Manganese in liquid form which is beneficial to use in winter if the lawn has gone dormant. Being liquid the turf can still take up the nutrients through the leaf.