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Adama Bumper 625


Adama Bumper 625 controls Dollar Spot and Spring Dead Spot in lawns. It can be used on a range of turf varieties including couch.

Fungicide Copper

For the control of fungal & bacterial diseases on fruit, vegies & ornamentals in the home garden.

Heritage Maxx Systemic Fungicide


HERITAGE MAXX (azoxy) is the only systemic strobilurin that can be taken up by the leaves, crowns and roots of turf plants. The combination of xylem mobility, translaminar movement and even distribution within plant tissue, ensures that new growth is protected for up to 28 days. Best used as part of a preventative plan.



Phos-Inject is a systemic fungicide for Phytophthora Root Rot in avocado, root & collar rot in ornamental plants and citrus, and downy mildew in grapes.

Transact 500


Transact 500 is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 500 g/L of Iprodione. Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fusarium Patch, Spring Dead Spot,

Tree Injector


Tree Injector is a spring-loaded syringe-like devices, with a 20mm tapered nozzle. Used to inject sytemic fungicides such as Phos-Inject.