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Fungicide Copper

For the control of fungal & bacterial diseases on fruit, vegies & ornamentals in the home garden.



Phos-Inject is a systemic fungicide for Phytophthora Root Rot in avocado, root & collar rot in ornamental plants and citrus, and downy mildew in grapes.

Transact 500


Transact 500 is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 500 g/L of Iprodione. Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fusarium Patch, Spring Dead Spot,

Tree Injector


Tree Injector is a spring-loaded syringe-like devices, with a 20mm tapered nozzle. Used to inject sytemic fungicides such as Phos-Inject.

Zaleton Fungicide

Zaleton fungicide is an effective combination of two fungicides to prevent and control diseases on azaleas, roses and lawns.