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Acelepryn GR


Acelepryn GR is a commercial grade granular pest control for your lawns that is safe to use around the home.

1.5 kg per 100sqm.



Amdro is a selective insecticide for control of certain ant species. Here is Perth the targeted species is Coastal Brown Ant

Baythroid Advanced


Baythroid is an ideal general contact insecticide, controlling a wide range of insects.

Suitable for use on several ornamental plants, including natives and lawns.



Borax is also know as boron and sodium borate and is a naturally occurring mineral. It is used to eradicate ants and for use in household cleaning.

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Compel Bifenthrin is a broad spectrum insecticide containing 100g/L of the active constituent Bifenthrin. It is registered for control of lawn grubs and ants in turf.

Fipronil Granular Ant Killer


Fipronil Granular Ant Killer is a fast acting non-repellant and odourless for the control of ants in turf, external surrounds of buildings and structures

Fortune 500


Fortune 500 is a multi purpose insecticide and termiticide. It will control mosquitoes, fleas, lawn beetles, cockroaches, ants, moths, lawn armyworm and many others as per instructions. It is for use on crops, turf and hard surfaces.

Grub Guard RTU 2 Ltrs


Grub Guard kills aphids, bugs, caterpillars and many other pests, and it’s the only product on the market that kills lawn grub larva. That means you can use it post attack from a host of pests and prior to an attack from grubs.

Imidacloprid 200


Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide widely used to control pests in gardens and turf. It is also for the treatment of fleas in pets

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Lawnporn History


Lawnporn History Systemic insecticide is a professional lawn solution for the control of lawn pests including African Black Beetle,Scarabs and Larvae.

Meridian Insecticide


Meridian Insecticide is for season long control of African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab and Billbug in lawns. This product is effective by both having contact with the lawn pest, and by the lawn pest ingesting treated grass.