Want to mow less and have a healthier lawn. Plant Growth Regulators PGR promote lateral growth for a denser, stronger turf sward. The stronger the sward, the better able to resist weeds and pests and the invasion of other grass species.

Plant Growth Regulators, PGR, works by blocking the production of gibberellic acid within the plant, which effectively limits cell elongation and vertical growth. The effect is to shorten the distance between the shoot nodes, resulting in a more compact growth habit. Whilst vertical growth is slowed, energy in the plant is diverted to boost both root and lateral foliar growth – creating, stronger, healthier, denser and more consistent turf, which requires less mowing

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Primo Maxx


Primo Maxx is for the reduction of leaf and stem growth of lawn species and as an aid to Turf Management. Primo Maxx is a type of plant growth regulator (PGR).