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Activ8EXTRA ia a biologically enhanced liquid fertiliser with added organics including kelp, worm extracts and humates. Lawns and Leafy plants

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Activ8EXTRA is a biologically enhanced liquid fertiliser boosted with a range of organics to improves the soil, stimulates and feeds the existing beneficial soil microbes whilst feeding lawns and leafy green plants and trees.

Activ8EXTRA Liquid contains

  • Traditional chemical nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and other essential nutrients)
  • Worm Leachate (Extracts)
  • Seaweed (kelp) with 3 natural root stimulants
  • Fish (whole carp)
  • Triacontanol (Natural-brewed) the Grand-daddy of the Root hormones
  • Blood and Bone
  • Humates (Humus) / Fulvates incl. Fulvic
  • PSG (Peruvian Seabird Guano)


  • Helps inoculate turf/grass & soil, aids in the conversion of “fertiliser” to complex plant nutrients
  • Greens turf & lawn and quickly fertilises
  • Improves disease resistance
  • Powerful beneficial plant tonic
  • Buffers salts, increases micronutrient availability
  • Promotes soil aeration/water penetration, reduces runoff
  • Activ8EXTRA helps stabilize nutrients in the rhizosphere where they remain available over a longer period of time.
  • Suitable for greening-up Fairways and Greens, and Lawns.

Typical Analysis

NPK: 16-2-5 + Trace elements

General Application Rate

75-100ml/100m2 – 7.5-10lt/Ha

20-30ml (1-2 capfuls) per 9lt watering can

Apply monthly or when feeding is required

For best results, apply weekly or fortnightly during the warmer months. During cooler months, apply less often and/or at lower strength. Best applied all-year round to continue improving soil and feeding microbes

Minimum dilution rate: 1:75

Agitate well before use

How To Apply

Watering can: mix the amount suggested (typically 10‐30ml)/9 litres of water.

Hoseon Bottle (Seasol/weed n feed etc.) or hortex sprayer: mix the minimum amount of water with the product/s to allow you to cover the required area/s. For example, for my front yard, using an old weed n feed hose‐on bottle I add 100ml of each Seaweed Secrets, Activ8mate or Activ8EXTRA and Natures Soil Wetter, then top up with enough water to allow you to evenly cover it using the hose‐on bottle (I add about 600ml water), then evenly hose‐on. If using a Hortex sprayer on setting 2 without the restrictor, you shouldn’t need to add water, but if you do, just add as little amount to cover the required area.

Pressure/knapsack sprayer: You need about 15 litres (a little more or less won’t hurt) of water to be applied per 100m2, so take that into consideration when applying. If you have a smaller sprayer, either do several smaller applications i.e. covering 50m at a time and repeat until the entire area is covered, or over a larger area spray with the required amount and if you haven’t used 15 litres/100m2, give a light water‐in


Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed. If eaten seek medical help.

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