Amdro is a selective insecticide for control of certain ant species. Here is Perth the targeted species is Coastal Brown Ant

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Amdro is a selective insecticide for control of certain ant species.

Amdro Granular Ant Bait is effective against specific destructive ant species, namely Singapore ant, Coastal Brown ant, Tropical Fire ant (Ginger ant), Red Imported Fire ant and Green Headed ant.

Here in Perth we have the Coastal Brown Ant.

It is important to be able to recognise these ants, because Amdro has been designed to be attractive to them. Other species have different food preferences and may not be attracted to the bait. For example, Amdro will not control black house ant – see Bifenthrin

How Amdro Works

AMDRO Granular Ant Bait is a slow-acting poison which is especially effective against the queen ant. Worker ants will
find the bait granules, carry them back to the nest and pass them along to the queen and other nest-mates. Typically, in
1-4 weeks, the queen and a number of ants are killed and a visible reduction in activity results.
AMDRO incorporates a bait that is attractive to specific ants only. Correct ant identification will help to ensure best
results from AMDRO.

Targeted Species of Ants

Singapore ant: A pest in tropical and subtropical areas. Workers vary from 1.8-3.0mm long. Light brown in colour
except for dark brown abdomen. Ants move slowly in single file. Can bite and sting. No smell when crushed.
Coastal brown ant: In most coastal areas. Most workers 2.0-2.5mm long. Some are 3.5-4.5mm long with greatly
enlarged heads. Whole body shiny dark brown in colour. Excavate sand along paved areas and in lawns. Can bite and
sting. No smell when crushed.
Tropical fire ant or ginger ant: Workers vary from 2.4-6.0mm long, all with large heads. Light yellow brown to dark
brown black in colour. Can bite and sting. No smell when crushed.
Red imported fire ant: Small (workers mostly 3-6 mm long) and gold to red-brown in colour, highly aggressive and stings result in painful, itchy and persistent pustules, and sometimes in severe allergic reactions.
Greenhead ant: Approximately 6 mm in length. Irridescent dark green head, with black thorax, abdomen and legs.
Inflicts a painful sting.

How To Use

Broadcast method (all ant types) – Evenly distribute granules over infested area using a hand held rotary granule spreader or equivalent applicator or gloved hand.
Individual mound treatments (Red imported fire ant): This treatment method should be used when fast control is required, desirable ant species are present throughout the treatment area and there are less than 50 fire ant nests or colonies per hectare. Sprinkle 50 g (approximately 5 tablespoons) of product immediately around each mound.
Apply in late afternoon when ants are active.
Re-treat when ant activity becomes troublesome again.


2.5 kg/ha or 5 g/20 m2


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