Aqua Force Liquid Wetting Agent


A commercial grade liquid wetting agent for use in severely hydrophobic soils.

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Aqua Force Liquid Wetting Agent

Aqua Force wetting agent is the Professionals choice for a commercial grade liquid wetter. it is a long lasting, highly penetrating soil surfactant for extreme situations in severely hydrophobic soils. This product will assist in breaking down hydrophobic build up, increase water retention and rapid penetration into the soil. Easy hose on application will continue to re -wet soil for up to 3 months.

General Information

Aqua Force combines highly penetrating properties whilst having the ability to attach onto soil particles, providing a water attracting surface to assist with water passing through the profile. Less phytotoxic than many other soil wetters with excellent long term soil wetting properties. Although a low phytotoxic risk, thorough watering of all soil wetting products is recommended. As well as being an extra safety mechanism, it also enhances their performance.

When used in combination with Bi-AGRA, it helps keep your lawn healthy and green during Perth’s summer heat and water restrictions. Apply Aqua Force and then follow up with an application of BI-AGRA soil moisture retainer, a few days later. See Aqua Force and Bi-Agra Soil wetting System

When To Use Aqua Force Wetting Agent

Aquaforce premium wetting agent is recommended for use at the following times in WA

Spring (September), Summer (December) and Late Summer (February / March) each year.

2ltr RTU Covers 200 sqm.

Bi-Agra and Aqua Force System

Aqua Force and Bi-Agra is the latest soil wetting system in the market. Aqua Force is a premium grade commercial wetting agent which allows for deep water penetration into the soil. Bi-Agra is not just a wetting agent it is a Moisture Retaining Aid as well, meaning it will encourage your soil to hold the water once it has penetrated into the soil.

For best results they should be used two weeks apart.

While each product can be used on their own, for best results in our dry sandy soils it is recommended they be used together.

General Notes on eradicating Dry Patches in your lawn.

See How to eradicate dry patches in your lawn

A wetting agent should always be used in conjunction with an audit on your reticulation. For more information on how we can help go to


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 25 cm

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