Plant Doctor Champion MaxGreen Hi-N & Iron Liquid Fertiliser


Champion MaxGreen Liquid Fertiliser has Iron and Nitrogen for green colour & to correct iron deficiencies in your lawn & plants. Great for WA

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Champion MaxGreen Hi-N & Iron Liquid Fertiliser

Champion MaxGreen Liquid Fertiliser has 16% Nitrogen; 5% Iron (Fe); 2% Sulphur (S) and is supercharged with Fulvic acid. Champion MaxGreen provides a highly available form of liquid Iron (Fe) along with Nitrogen (N) to produce rich green colour in leaves & help correct to iron deficiencies in your lawn, plants & crops.

The Fulvic Acid will supercharge the nutrient uptake providing fast results. It will help prolong the life of the nutrients, holding them for longer where they are needed, reduce leaching (run-off).

  • Can be applied to the leaves (Foliar), then watered in to the soil tp prolong the life of the nutrients.
  • Will help maintain plant growth & deep green colour in turf & plants.
  • Will help correct yellowing in new leaf growth.

What does Iron do for Your Plants

Iron (Fe) is a vital micro-nutrient required by plants in order to form chlorophyll. And chlorophyll is what gives plants/lawn their green colour. Iron deficiency occurs when there is either not enough iron in the soil, or the iron is tied up and unavailable due to high pH (alkaline soil), or poor aeration. It can also be induced by an over-abundance of calcium in the soil or an over-application of lime.

Iron chlorosis is the name of the condition found in plants that are iron deficient. It is one of the most common micro-nutrient problems of ornamentals, shrubs, vines, small fruits, and trees. Leaves of affected plants are yellow, light green, or white with distinct green veins.

Why Add Iron to Plants in Perth

WA coastal sands have high limestone content that blocks the plant being able to take up and use iron. The added sulphur will also help to correct the alkalinity the limestone adds to the soil so balancing the PH. Adding iron based fertilisers in a liquid form in winter will also help lawns to stay green even if the roots have gone dormant.

Who is Plant Doctor

Plant Doctor are an Australian family business who are doing everything right when it comes to holistically developing earth friendly fertilisers aimed at eradicating toxins from plants and the soil.


Application rate:

Minimum dilution rate: 1:50

Application Rate Comments
Turf 150-400ml/100m2


Apply every 4 weeks in growing season or as required.
Ornamental Plants 10-25ml/10litres water


Apply every 4 weeks in growing season or as required.
Vegetables 150-300ml/100m2


Apply fortnightly or as required.
Trees, Fruits, Nuts & Grapevines 150-300ml/100m2


Apply every 6-8 weeks or as required.
Broadacre crops 3-8lt/Ha Apply as required with normal program


Iron can stain paths, concrete, paving, clothes and skin, so always wear old clothes, wash hands after use and be careful when applying near concrete and paths etc. Wash off immediately any lasting damage. Keep away from water sources such as ponds, pools etc.


Nitrogen (N) = 16%

Iron (Fe) = 5%

Sulphur (S)= 2%

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