Eco-Prime Red


A great starter or repair fertiliser for your lawns.

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Eco-Prime Red

Eco-Prime Red is a great lawn starter fertiliser as it has the higher phosphorous needed to develop strong healthy roots. New lawns have a baby root structure that must be aided with the right nutrients to develop into a strong turf sward. This strong sward will help your lawn to survive and thrive in WA’s water restricted environment.

Eco-Prime Red is a unique mineral NPK fertiliser combining a complex blend of nutrients from Potassium Sulphate through to granulated Soft Rock Phosphate.This is enhanced with beneficial biology, including Mycorrhizal fungi and
phosphorus solubalisers (including Bacillus megaterium). Root stimulation is achieved through the use of natural ingredients including mineral based NPK, Humates and Phytohormone producing biology.


How to Use

Eco-Prime Red can be used under the new turf when being laid. It should be raked lightly into the soil and then watered well before laying the turf on top.

Application rate is 10 kg per 50 sqm for establishing new turf.

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It can also be used to strengthen the sward and root structure of existing lawns. The increased phosphorous content will help to strengthen roots. It is not recommended to use this fertiliser as a maintenance fertiliser as the phosphorous levels of 8% are to high. For a maintenance fertiliser in this product range use



Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 50 cm