Javelin Selective Herbicide


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Javelin Selective Herbicide is a professional product designed to have a unique three way mixture of active ingredients that work in synergy to deliver extensive broadleaf weed control. The active ingredients in this product are 300g/L MCPA, 20g/L Clopyralid and 15g/L Diflufenican. These chemicals together will help to control existing weeds while also providing some short term residual control of weeds that germinate after the initial application, reducing the need for follow up applications.

Features of Javelin Selective Herbicide:

– Versatile in use;
– Easy to handle;
– Low poison;
– Safe to use;
– Non-ester formula;
– Reduced volatilisation;
– Reduced risk of damaging non-targeted plants.

Product usage:
– A wide variety of turfgrass species. Short term transient discolouration may occur on Kikuyu, Carpet Grass and Queensland Blue Couch;
– Certain strains of Buffalo (ST varieties) may produce more pronounced effects and it is recommended that the product be tested on a small, unnoticeable area for turf safety before large-scale application;
– In urban areas thanks to its odourless formulation;
– Many traditional products applicable for broadleaf weed control contain Dicamba. Dicamba does not have any residual control capacities and it is severely damaging to some turf species, particularly in hot dry weather. Dicamba can also be damaging to off target ornamental plants and trees in the surrounding environment. Javelin does not contain any Dicamba and as such is a much safer product to use on many turf varieties. One application is enough for excellent control of broadleaf weeds like clover.

– Apply between 4 and 5 L/ha on actively growing weeds.
– Use the lower rate for smaller weeds.
– Complete weed death will take up to six weeks. Faster results are expected on smaller weeds.

– Shake well the original container before use.
– Agitate continuously to ensure intensive mixing before and during application.
– Do not mix more than you need and do not store what you did not use.
– A surfactant can be added to hard to wet weeds. It should be added after Javelin and water are mixed when the spray tank is almost full.

– Apply to actively growing weeds.
– Transient discolouration can occur on kikuyu and carpet grass and Queensland blue couch.
– Varietal differences in certain buffalo grasses may produce more pronounced effects and it is recommended that small areas be tested for turf safety before large scale application occurs.
– Avoid topping application rates through overlapping sprayed areas.
– Use a surfactant for difficult to wet weeds.

Please be sure to read, understand and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment when needed.