Kikuyu Seed


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Kikuyu Seed

Kikuyu seed is a vigorous blend well suited to the warm Australian climate.  This hard wearing lawn tolerates dry periods well, and remains greener over winter for all year round enjoyment.


  • Fast growing and self-repairing, kikuyu is the easy-to-grow family lawn
  • This blend also contains annual ryegrass, which is extremely fast germinating, to act as a nursery grass to help limit weed germination and competition, prevent soil erosion, and fill the gaps between the establishing kikuyu seedlings.

Directions for use

Prepare the soil by digging to a depth of 10-15cm, rake and level to produce a firm and even surface.

Leave area for approximately 2 weeks or until weeds begin to germinate. Light watering will be required to initiate weed germination.  After weeds have germinated, spay the entire area with Yates Zero Glyphosate Weed spray.  This ensures your lawn will not have to compete with weeds for nutrients while establishing and promotes improved coverage.

Once the weeds have died off, lightly rake over the area to loosen the soil. First scatter Yates Dynamic Lifter Turf Starter, then Yates LawnSmart lawn seed. Scatter half in a North-South direction and the remaining half in an East-West direction and rake into the surface.


Avoid ALL traffic (including dogs) on the area until the lawn is well established.  Important – keep the newly sown lawn damp at all times by watering regularly with a fine mist spray.  May require watering several times a day in hot or windy conditions.  Lawn should be first mown when it reaches 10cm in  height and then gradually reduce to a minimum of 5cm.

Guide on how to repair bare patches

Established lawns can become thin and worm over time and can benefit from over sowing with new lawn seed to help thicken up and revive the look of the lawn.

For bare patches, loosen the soil in the bare patch with a rake or garden fork to create a soft, loose surface. You can also spread some handfuls of lawn top dressing over the patch. For thin lawns, applying some lawn top dressing over the entire area can help improve new lawn seed establishment by providing a softer and loose surface.

Mix the required amount of lawn seed with a turf starter Fertiliser. This makes it much easier to spread out the lawn seed over the bare patch or existing lawn, adds valuable organic matter to the soil and provides the new grass seedlings with gentle slow release nutrients as they establish.

Scatter the lawn seed as per the oversowing / patching directions and keep the patch or area moist for several weeks while the new grass establishes.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 25 cm