Knights Coastal Rose Fertiliser


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Knights Coastal Rose Mix is a quality fertiliser with added trace elements for our alkaline soil and with a NPK ratio great for roses and citrus.

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Knights Coastal Rose Mix

Knights Coastal Rose Mix is a quality fertiliser made with added trace elements for our alkaline soil and with a NPK ratio great for flowering and fruiting plants.

At high pH levels, common in coastal soils, nutrients such as phosphorus, iron, zinc, boron and manganese become less available to the plant. Plants such as roses, citrus and gardenias are susceptible to this nutrient deficiency.  Knights Coastal Rose Mix has been formulated to address this problem.

Knights and Lawn Doctor Turf Solutions have been mixing and selling Knights Coastal Rose Fertiliser for nearly 20 years. This fertiliser has been the most popular fertiliser for aiding with nutrient deficiencies like chlorosis while giving us big healthy blooms and fruit.

Why It Works

There are many good quality fertiliser brands in the market – very few however are made in WA for Perth. Fertilisers made in other states are produced for a very different type of soil. For a fertiliser to work effectively on any plant variety – even a quality fertiliser – it must be made for the right soil conditions. This is why Knights Coastal Rose Mix  fertiliser is so effective in our Perth sands.

How To Use

Apply Knights Rose Mix every 6 weeks through spring and summer. Use a handful per sqm in garden beds or a table spoon per large bush. For very small plants use a teaspoon amount per plant. Water the fertiliser in well. This is a slower release fertiliser so it will not water in completely.

Again, being a fertiliser made in WA for WA it will be high in iron. Sweep any of cream paving before watering in. Do not apply around cream paving if it is raining it you are worried about stains.

If your plants are still not thriving, you may need to apply a wetting agent to the garden. A good quality commercial grade granular product is best

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