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Knights Wetta is ideal for preventing soils becoming hydrophobic (the biggest cause of dry patch in Perth).

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Knights Wetta is a premium soil wetting agent. it is ideal for preventing soils becoming hydrophobic (the biggest cause of dry patch in Perth). It is designed to firstly help the water to soak into the soil, and then to aid in the retention of the moisture in the soil.

You will know you have hydrophobic soil if the water does not soak into the soil if it beads and runs of the area you are trying to water instead of soaking in. It is caused by the sand heating up and drying out the organic matter in the soil. The organic matter (leaves etc) then break down and waxy residue is left behind, which then coats the soil making it anti wetting.

This is harmful to the plants and lawn as the water cannot reach the roots. The problem was not so noticeable in Perth prior to water restrictions as when we watered every day there was enough water for the plant to absorb moisture regularly through the leaf. Now we only water twice a week, our plants are even more reliant on their roots to absorb the water they need.

This means the water MUST reach the roots, making commercial grade wetting agents necessary.

Remember – not all wetting agents are created equally, and you should always use a commercial grade wetta. Remember also, wetting agents will not create water, or produce more then you are putting on. This is why you should always do a retic audit using catch cups to ensure the Wetta has enough water to work with!

See our handy fact sheet on how to do this

How to apply

This product is a concentrate. Mix with water in a sprayer of watering can, either is suitable as the product must be washed into the soil to be effective. Recommended dilution rates listed on the bottle depending on the situation. Knights Wetta must be watered in well after application as it will sit on the leaf and may burn.

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1 Litre Concentrate, 5 Litre Concentrate