Lawnporn Green Light


Lawnporn Green Light is a professional foliar fertiliser designed specifically to encourage a deep green colour and growth response in turf. Perfectly suited to Perth’s alkaline soils.

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Lawnporn Green Light 

Lawnporn Green Light is a professional foliar fertiliser designed specifically to encourage a deep green colour and growth response in turf. The inclusion of iron (Fe) in chelated form helps get the nutrient into the plant quickly, resulting in rapid and lasting greening effect. Based on the same formulation as Australia’s most widely used nitrogen (N) and iron (Fe) fertiliser, Green Light, in one form or another, is used regularly on some of Australia’s most prominent golf courses and sporting facilities.

Why Use FeMn on Your Lawn

Iron (Fe) is the most common deficient micro nutrient in turf. Even if it is present in the soil in large quantities, uptake is restricted by waterlogged soils, high phosphorous levels and high alkalinity. Our coastal sands in Perth have a very high alkalinity due to the amount of limestone in the sand. The main function of Fe is the production of chlorophyll (greening). Iron also increases root growth, important in water restrictions.

Manganese (Mn) is very closely associated with Iron. It is also necessary for chlorophyll synthesis. It occurs on high ph, limey soils and sandy soils low in organic matter – Perth sand.

A symptom of Iron and Manganese deficiency is “leaf yellowing”. This is because the chlorophyll in the plant is not being produced efficiently. It starts in the younger upper leaves, eventually turning the whole leaf yellow before dying off.

When to Use

Applications for this liquid fertiliser include tournament preparation in golf courses, and prior to televised games in sports facilities. On the home lawn, Green Light is ideal for use before a BBQ or any time when you want to get your patch looking its best.

Perth’s sandy alkaline soils also prevent the uptake of many essential nutrients such as Iron and Manganese. This results in a yellowing, or chlorosis, of the leaves on our plants and lawns. This yellowing can be easily rectified with a fertiliser high in iron. Lawnporn Greenlight is perfect for this. Spray it on and within days you will see an improvement as the yellow leaves disappear. Please note that this yellowing is not to be confused with a dead dry brown leaf caused by not enough water (dry patch).

Liquid fertiliser is also great to use in the cooler months. Even if your lawn has gone dormant over winter, the plant can still take some nutrient in through the leaf.

See our Winter Guide for more tips

How to Use Lawnporn Green Light

The rate is 200-400mL/100m2. 

Spray as evenly as possible. You will notice how good you are with a sprayer or watering can because your lawn will go black within a couple of days. Do not worry – it is the iron and if you have put enough on it is meant to. Give it another couple of days and your lawn will be dark green. Remember to not walk on it or roll around with white clothes on it until dry. Iron does stain clothing and cream paving!

15% N, 6% Fe, 2% Mn

Commercial Product

Lawnporn Green Light is the commercial turf NuTurf product FoliMAX NFE. FoliMAX NFE is a reliable, highly available liquid iron and manganese formulation with an Ammonium Stabilised Nitrogen source, designed to correct iron deficiencies, maintain plant growth and enhance turf colour and presentation. The high analysis formulation maximises nutrient output and includes EDTA Chelate Iron Technology for improved plant uptake and tank mix stability.

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