Plant Doctor Nature’s Soil Wetter Granular


Nature’s Soil Wetter Granular is non toxic and contains trace elements and minerals. No petrochemicals 100% natural made with organic compounds.

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Nature’s Soil Wetter Granular

Nature’s Soil Wetter Granular is non-toxic and has no Petrochemicals. It contains over 70 trace elements/minerals. The ingredients used in Nature’s Soil Wetter are derived from 100% natural materials, including Complex Organic Compounds (COC), non-ionic plant derived surfactants, natural botanical extracts, corn, linseed & sunflower derivatives.

Nature’s Soil Wetter Benefits

  • Hydrophobic, hard-to-wet soils are improved dramatically
  • pH Buffer i.e. all pH extremes are quickly remedied
  • Restores, renews lifeless soils
  • Holds fertiliser and water like a sponge, naturally
  • Powerful beneficial Microbial stimulant
  • Helps remove toxic residues & heavy metals, binds salts
  • Increases longevity of Nitrogen (e.g. Urea up to 80 days)
  • Magnifies root growth, trials show that with regular use the treated areas had much deeper root growth.
  • Improves soil crumb structure
  • Contains natural root stimulants

Why use Nature’s Soil Wetter

  • An ideal water management tool in turf and landscape situations.
  • Prevents dry patch in turf and improves water percolation in wet soils.
  • Easy to use granular formulation which can be top dressed by spreader.
  • Provides immediate and long-term response.
  • Improves the efficiency of fertilisers and crop protection products such as fungicides.
  • Non-toxic to plants and environmentally safe.
  • 1-2mm particle size manufactured to meet USGA specifications.

NATURE’S SOIL WETTER is best applied as a top dressing to dry turf/lawn or garden. It can be on top of soil or laid under mulch.

How To Apply

Greens & Tees Top-dress at the rate of 1.5kg/100m2 and reapply every 1-2 months.
Fairways & Sports Fields Top-dress at the rate of 2.0kg/100m2 and reapply every 2-3 months.


Non-ionic surfactants: ……20%

VolcaMin carrier: …………..80%

When To Use

Use for all turf situations including home lawns and golf greens. Also great for pot plants, crops, vegetables and natives. Ideal for all soil types and environmentally sensitive areas.

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