Oxa Pro


Oxa Pro is for the pre emergent control of wintergrass, summergrass, crab grass and broad leaf weeds. Also contains a fertiliser.

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Oxa Pro Fertiliser and Pre Emergent Herbicide

Oxa Pro contains the active constituent 10g/L Oxadiazon and the added benefits of a fertiliser containing an N:P:K of 18-10-9. This combination of herbicide and controlled released fertiliser allows for pre-emergent control of Summer Grass, Crabgrass and Wintergrass in turf, whilst providing nutrition to the turfgrass, with its slow release nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Weeds Controlled

  • Summer Grass
  • Crab Grass
  • Winter Grass
  • Creeping Oxalis
  • Broadleaf Weeds


Turf nutrition –provides slow release nitrogen for 8 weeks feeding.

15 – 2 – 8

Turf Varieties

  • Kikuyu
  • Buffalo Grass
  • Common Couch Grass (not Santa Anna),
  • Tiff Hybrid Couch
  • Grass, Saltwater Couch
  • Queensland Blue Couch
  • Zoysia Grass


How To Use

This product is ready to apply. No mixing or dilution is required. Apply product evenly to dry foliage and bare areas using a granular spreader able to give even coverage. Application must be made before weeds have begun to
germinate. Established weeds will not be controlled. After application water in with at least 10mm of sprinkler irrigation. Control of germinating weed seedlings can be expected for up to 10 weeks after application depending upon temperature, rainfall, soil type and other factors. If longer control is required, a repeat application should be made 7-10 weeks after initial application.
DO NOT mow treated area until product has been watered in and turf foliage has dried. Avoid application when daytime temperatures are consistently above 32 C.


1 x 20kg bag will cover 660 sqm.



DO NOT Apply

DO NOT apply granules when the turf foliage is wet.
DO NOT use on putting greens, low cut tees or bowling greens.
DO NOT apply to newly seeded turf areas.



3kg – 4kg per 100sqm

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 50 cm