Plant Doctor Quantum-H


Quantum-H is a liquid humic acid concentrate. Humics provide organic and natural nutrition for plants and detoxify the soil. Buffers toxins from fertilisers.

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Plant Doctor Quantum-H

Quantum-H is a premium humic acids solution extracted from Agri-Plus, a high-grade leonardite ore. It has a high concentration of short-chain humic acid and fulvic acid molecules. Plant Doctor Quantum-H is a very plant active liquid humic acids extract. Manufactured using proprietary methods of extraction, settling, and handling, Quantum-H offers lower sludge content and is easier to handle than other humic acid products – making it the industry benchmark.

  • 100% ORGANIC

Humics are the most natural and organic way to provide plants and soil with a concentrated dose of essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. They are complex molecules that exist naturally in soils, peats, oceans and fresh waters. The best and most concentrated sources of humic acids are derived from a compressed organic compound known as Leonardite derived from fresh water deposits. Leonardite is the completely decomposed remnants of living organisms derived from 70 million years of humification. Like manures and other organic compounds are used to build richly fertile compost, so too Leonardite is the end result of nature’s own composting derived at a time when the earth had minimal pollutants. As a comparison, Peat is derived from only a few thousand years of decomposed organic matter. Plant Dr Humic will help you grow plants like never before.

Plant Doctor Quantum-H Benefits

  • Powerful chelating agent when soil applied.
  • Increases root growth and healthy root development for increased access to soil nutrients.
  • Increases & stimulates beneficial microbial activity & quickly reduces harmful microbes.
  • Increase soil moisture retention.
  • Increases yield and plants immune system.
  • Stimulate cell elongation and division.
  • Detoxifies various pollutants in the soil (herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.)
  • Buffer soil pH.
  • Increase crop yield.
  • Build and repair soil structure.
  • Helps bind salt

When To Use

  • When organic carbon levels are low
  • When valuable soil nutrients are locked up and unavailable
  • When strong new root growth is needed
  • Reduce disease
  • Apply with fertiliser
  • Can be used at any time of the year on all plants.
  • Can be applied to all crops, including vegetable crops, trees and vines. Staining may occur.
  • Can be used to all soil types.
  • Compatible with almost all fertiliser, nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, fungicide and defoliants.
  • Can be mixed with almost all liquid fertilisers and liquid nutrients, including seeding, pre-planting, side dress and water runs.

Reducing the Salt Index

An added benefit of applying Quantum-H with liquid fertilizer is an ability to buffer the salinity and toxicity of fertilizers. Most phosphate fertilizers are formulated with ammonia, and seedlings are sensitive to ammonia toxicity as well as salt burn from applied fertilizers. By adsorbing ammonium and sodium cations, Quantum-H can reduce the toxicity of these fertilizers.

Pre-Planting Starter Fertiliser

The most widely accepted use for liquid humic acid products is in pre-plant and starter bands. Quantum-H can greatly improve phosphate availability and stimulate the respiration rate of seedlings, which leads to quicker germination, faster root and shoot growth, and higher chlorophyll density. Apply 1460ml. or more per hectare of Quantum-H with all banded liquid nutrient solutions. Quantum-H also may improve the uptake of phosphates from banded fertilizers in two ways. First, humic acids sequester (chelate) soluble calcium and protect the phosphates from the calcium-phosphate interaction. Second, the amine functional groups on humic acids can absorb the phosphate anions, improving its availability for plant uptake.

In Season Use

Many researchers correlate plant growth with varying concentrations of humic and fulvic acids in the soil-water solution. For most crops, the greatest plant response to humic and fulvic acids runs anywhere from 10 to 100ppm. Adding Quantum-H to in-season water-run liquid fertilizers will provide ample humic and fulvic acids to stimulate plant growth. Quantum-H will also complex all plant nutrients and keep them plant available. In addition, it will reduce nitrate leaching and act as a nitrogen regulator to limit the “luxury consumption” of nitrogen. Quantum-H should be mixed with all banded, soil-applied and water-run liquid fertilizers. Application rates of 2 to 4 litres of Quantum-H per 38 litres of fertilizer will assure the proper concentration of humic and fulvic acids will be reached.

Water Penetration

The use of small quantities of humic acid has demonstrated an incredible ability to flocculate the soil, increase water penetration, and reduce water run-off. Adding Quantum-H to your water-run liquid fertilizer will enhance water penetration. Additional applications of 1460ml. of Quantum-H per hectare several times during the growing season will reduce puddling, sealing, and run off. In addition to Quantum-H, a seasonal application of Agri-Plus® – a 70% granular leonardite blend – will provide you with an abundant supply of humic acids to improve soil structure throughout the growing season.

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