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Primo Maxx is for the reduction of leaf and stem growth of lawn species and as an aid to Turf Management. Primo Maxx is a type of plant growth regulator (PGR).

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Primo Maxx

Primo Maxx is for the slowing of leaf and stem growth of lawn, improving uniformity and health to provide a smooth, tightly knit cover that is better able to withstand stress. Primo Maxx is a type of plant growth regulator (PGR).

It can be used on most grass varieties including couch (wintergreen and greenlees park), buffalo, kikuyu and santa anna as per label directions.

Primo Maxx achieves a healthier turf sward by increasing the lateral spread and turf density, in addition to slowing the vertical growth of the grass. This enhances the play ability (tightening of turf sward) of many surfaces including fairways, greens and tees on golf courses as well as sport fields and other playing surfaces.

How To Apply

Apply Primo Maxx Turf Growth Regulator at least 6 hours before or after mowing and when turf is actively growing.
Use the lower rates on turf with moderate growth rates where a lower level of growth reduction is required or when used in a program.
Apply rates towards the highest end of the rate range when growth is vigorous or when longer periods of 4 to 6 weeks regulation are required.
NOTE – Application made to turf growing under cool conditions or to turf with low nutrient levels or where growth rates are low may result in discolouration.

Do Not Apply

DO NOT apply to turf recovering from wear, renovation or turf affected by disease, water logging or other stresses.
DO NOT use where growth regulatory effects are likely following the application of a fungicide or any other material.
DO NOT apply to turf going into or coming out of dormancy.
DO NOT apply if rainfall is expected with 1 hour, and DO NOT irrigate for at least 1 hour after application.
DO NOT apply to Kentucky Bluegrass as damage may occur.

Application rate

Apply between 2 and 10 L of water / 100 m2 of turf. Preferably use flat fan nozzles and ensure even coverage is achieved. The water volume used is not as important providing coverage is good and even.

Ensure product is placed as uniformly as possible onto leaves and into crowns. Ideal application volume should be 200 to 500 L/ha

The recommended use rates are designed to give approximately a 50% reduction in clippings over a 4 to 6 week period. In practise the amount of growth regulation achieved will vary between situations due to environmental conditions and management practices. To some extent therefore application rates will need to be adjusted to match growing conditions, management practices and the amount of growth regulation required. Repeat applications can be made as soon as turf resumes growth or more suppression is required.
Good mowing management leading up to application is required to achieve a good quality turf surface and to obtain the best results.

How it Works

Trinexapac-ethyl (active ingredient) is rapidly absorbed by the leaves and crowns of the plant, mostly within one hour of treatment. Absorption through roots is negligible.

Trinexapac-ethyl inhibits gibberellic acid biosynthesis, resulting in decreased cellular elongation and internode length. After application, any new growth has shortened internodes, more tillers, and reduced vertical growth compared to untreated turf.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm

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