Soil Soak Wetting Agent


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Soil Soak Granular Wetting Agent

Soil Soak Granular Wetting Agent is a long lasting commercial grade non ionic granular wetting agent.

General Information

Soil soak is used as an aid to treat water repellence in sandy soils and aid water retention. In WA we have a sandy soil type which unfortunately have a waxy coating. This waxy coating makes it hard for water to penetrate through the soil and will actually force the water off, causing pooling of water on top of the surface and then run off. This leads to dry spots in our lawns and gardens. The water is pushed of these dry spots and the water runs into areas where it can soak into the soil. These patches become bigger as the hydrophobic area spreads outwards.

The soil wetting agents work by improving the absorption of water and helping it to spread more evenly through the soil profile.

Not all wetting agents are created equal.

A lot of domestic grade soil wetters, as well as kitchen or laundry detergents, kill earthworms and strip soils. They will also only work for the day they are applied.

This is why you must go for a non ionic commercial grade wetting agent which has a very low toxicity and longer lasting properties.

How to Use

Granular wetting agents must be watered in well to be activated, and kept wet. If your problem is an inefficient reticulation system, or you are simply not putting on enough water, then your wetting agent will not give you the result you need.

For help with doing a reticulation audit see

When to Apply

You should first apply at the end of winter in September. This might seem unnecessary, especially if there is still some rain around. This however is when you should apply a wetting agent, before the ground gets a chance to dry out and become anti wetting. It is much harder to get dry ground wet then to keep some moisture in the soil and it is this keeping of the ground moist that will give your turf the best chance as the temperature gets hotter. You should then re-apply in December and February.

For more information on how to drought proof your lawn see


Additional information


900g (coverage of up to 30 sqm), 3kg (coverage of 90 sqm), 8kg (coverage of 240 sqm)

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