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Vantage Fungicide is a broad spectrum, systemic fungicide containing 95g/L of the active constituent Azoxystrobin, a trusted chemistry for Australian turf professionals. It is registered for the control of a range key turfgrass pathogens including Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Grey Leaf Spot, Helminthosporium Complex, Red Thread, Winter Fusarium and Pythium Blight.


FEATURES of Vantage Fungicide:

✔ Premium formulation (Dispersible Concentrate) for enhanced fungicide performance and tank mix flexibility with many other plant protection products

✔ Tried and tested chemistry providing reliable protection from key turfgrass pathogens for up to 28 days

✔ Ideal for tank mixing with contact chemistries to provide systemic and contact protection against key turfgrass diseases in periods of high pressure

✔ No petroleum solvent means reduced odour, staining and better turf safety



Movement within the plant Vantage Fungicide’s systemic movement classifies it as an acropetal penetrant fungicide, meaning that it moves upward within the xylem of the plant.

Following application, the active ingredient diffuses through the leaf cuticle, before it begins moving through plant tissue cells towards the xylem tissue. Azoxystrobin is capable of only apoplastic transport through the plant tissue, meaning it moves around individual cells and through intracellular spaces, and does not pass through living cells (Latin, 2011).

Activity on Fungal Pathogens

A member of the strobuluron fungicide group, Azoxystrobin inhibits pathogen growth at the early stages of development by interfering with energy production and subsequently stopping or reducing fungal growth.

Vantage’s mode of action makes it effective as a preventative measure, or against early stage infections, however efficacy on established fungal infection can be enhanced through the addition of an additional fungicide with a different mode of action.

As a precaution to manage the risk of fungicide resistance it is not recommended to apply Vantage for more than a total of one third of the fungicide applications in one season.

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