Ken – Met 600 WG Herbicide


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Ken – Met 600 WG is a weed killer for lawns which targets broadleaf weeds, onion weed (guildford grass) and creeping oxalis.


Ken-Met 600 WG

Ken – Met 600 WG is a weed killer for lawns which targets broadleaf weeds, onion weed (guildford grass) and creeping oxalis.

Other products which have the same active ingredient that we have stocked include Brush Off and Associate. Ken Met is the best value for money.

Ken – Met has

  • Low application rates per hectare
  • Environmentally safe to use
  • Very high efficacy
  • Grass-friendly

Ken – Met is extremely effective weed killer for lawns, especially on weeds with a small surface area such as creeping oxalis and guildford grass. It is also very effective against broadleaf weeds, so while it is more expensive initially then other broadleaf weed killer, it will do more weeds and go a lot further.

Remember, weeds become a problem in lawns with a week sward. This usually happens when lawns do not get enough water through summer or there is to much shade. The less bare areas in your turf, the harder it is for weeds to compete and win against turf.

When to Use: Completely eradicating the weed before it seeds and improving the general health and coverage of your lawn will help you to control weeds in your lawn. All weeds are easier to kill when they are healthy with more surface area to suck up the chemical, so try not to mow the lawn before spraying. Try and spray when the weed is more juvenile. This way you spray before it seeds and before the stem gets more mature and woody, allowing the chemical to be absorbed better into the plant. Spray when the lawn is as dry as possible and allow to stay on the plant for a couple of days before watering.


Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group B Herbicide

Group B herbicides block the ALS enzyme essential in the production of the
branched-chain fatty acids (amino acids) leucine, isoleucine and valine. These amino
acids are essential for the production of proteins and for normal plant growth, while
also providing precursors for a number of secondary products such as cyanogenic
glycosides, glucosinolates and acyl-sugars.

Group B herbicides are weak acid herbicides with moderate water solubility and are absorbed via the leaves and the roots, using the aqueous pathway.

Active ingredient(s): 600g/kg Metsulfuron – Methyl

Formulation: Water Dispersal Granule



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