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Winter Grass Killer is a specific herbicide which only targets Winter Grass. This product is both a pre and post emergent herbicide.

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Winter Grass Killer is a specific herbicide which only targets Winter Grass. Winter Grass (Poa Anna) is a tiller type grass that has its own root system like rye and fescue.

This weed is difficult to control as it has built up resistance to most chemicals. It is also very active in winter, when most lawn varieties have gone dormant. New varieties of turf that resist winter dormancy, such as Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo, Tif Tuf and Sir Grange, are much better at resisting the invasion of winter grass. In those older varieties of grass, such as winter green couch, Qld Blue etc that go dormant in winter, it is often only the winter grass that gives your lawn any colour. Ideally, you should not allow winter grass to take over those dormant lawns. The winter grass will  compete and win for any available nutrients spreading thicker each year.

Winter Grass Killer works by stunting the growth of the plant, particularly the germinating seed which will start coming up in Autumn. Having stunted or stopped the plant´s growth, it can not spread and reproduce. Sustained treatment is required to control winter grass, and this product should not be used on Kikuyu lawns, but is OK for Buffalo and Couch lawns – but always consult the label before using the product.

David Gray’s Winter Grass Killer covers approx 200m. This product will not harm the turf so it can be applied to the whole lawn. Do not use on seeded grass varieties such as rye, fescue and bent.

When to Use: The best control is a pre emergent application around May. You can still apply this product after the winter grass has come up, however the longer you leave it the less effective the chemical will be.Completely eradicating the weed before it seeds and improving the general health and coverage of your lawn will help you to control weeds in your lawn. All weeds are easier to kill when they are healthy with more surface area to suck up the chemical, so try not to mow the lawn before spraying. Try and spray when the weed is more juvenile. This way you spray before it seeds and before the stem gets more mature and woody. This will allow the chemical to be absorbed better into the plant.

Water thoroughly after application as it must be watered into the soil.


Product Type: Herbicide

Active ingredient(s): 100 g/kg PROPYZAMIDE

Formulation: Water Dispersal Granule

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 15 cm

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