Wintergreen Couch 1sqm – Economical and hard wearing


Wintergreen Couch is an economical and hard wearing variety of turf. It also has good drought tolerance.

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Wintergreen couch is a versatile lawn requiring a full sun position. Its small leaf is an attractive dense green. Wintergreen’s deep rooted stolens and rhizomes make it a tough hard wearing soft surface, however it is also this that makes it difficult to keep out of paving and garden areas.

Wintergreen couch can be used in residential houses, golf courses, tennis courts or wherever close mowing is required.

Wintergreen should be mown every 10 -14 days at approximately 10 -15mm. This is to help keep its formal appearance and to try and minimise its tendency to “thatch up”.

Wintergreen has quite good drought tolerance in that it will go “dormant” in times of no watering and come back to life again when it gets some water. It will not be very attractive during this time of “dormancy” and it will eventually weaken in colour and density until there is only sand left unless water is applied.

Other new age couch varieties such as TifTuf Hybrid have even better drought tolerance as TifTuf continue to stay green and active with less water. For more information on TifTuf Click Here.


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