Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Guide

When it comes to lawn care – timing can be everything!! That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you plan your lawn care and maintenance based on the seasons.

When it comes to lawn maintenance – timing can be everything!! So we’ve put together a handy seasonal lawn maintenance guide to help you plan your lawn care. We all know that Australian Seasons can be harsh on turf, but give your lawn some extra attention through the year, and you will be rewarded with healthy, resilient grass that will last through the seasons. 

This calendar is only a guide, and does not take into account regional or seasonal weather variations. Keep track of your local seasonal changes and always monitor your lawn’s condition for any signs that your turf may need some extra care! Reach out to us if you have any specific questions:

Spring Maintenance

Spring brings with it a time of growth and regeneration. A healthy lawn will compliment your colourful spring garden! It’s the perfect time to get to work to prepare your garden for the hot summer to come with plenty of food and nutrients.



Bi-Agra wetting agent is a new innovation in the fight against hydrophobic soils. A moisture retaining aid as well it is great for lawns and gardens.

Freehand Herbicide


Freehand is a pre-emergent herbicide that prevents weeds from germinating. This powerful herbicide is labeled for the control and suppression of more than 60 of the toughest, most troublesome weeds.

Knights Coastal Special Lawn Mix


Knights Coastal Special lawn Mix is a lawn fertiliser made by Lawn Doctor Turf Solutions to suit our coastal sands. High in iron and trace elements and guaranteed to be the best thing you could give your lawn.

Summer Maintenance

A lush green lawn in the summer makes spending time outside even more enjoyable. In Australia, we have hot dry summers, so we need to remember to keep the moisture up to help our lawns stay healthy. If dry patch occurs apply a liquid wetting agent. Liquid wetting agents work very quickly, however you also need to do your retic audit. Wetting agents can burn the lawn if enough water is not applied immediately to water them in.

Summer Maintenance

Acelepryn GR


Acelepryn GR is a commercial grade granular pest control for your lawns that is safe to use around the home.

1.5 kg per 100sqm.

Grub Guard RTU 2 Ltrs


Grub Guard kills aphids, bugs, caterpillars and many other pests, and it’s the only product on the market that kills lawn grub larva. That means you can use it post attack from a host of pests and prior to an attack from grubs.

Autumn Maintenance

Autumn is a very important time of the year for lawn upkeep. Your grass is starting to slow it’s growth down to prepare for the cooler months. Now is also the time to start preventing winter weeds and pests. Remove shade sails and prune back trees in preparation for the shorter days and less sunlight. Remember lawn needs at least 4 to 5 hours of sunlight to do well.

Heritage Maxx Systemic Fungicide


HERITAGE MAXX (azoxy) is the only systemic strobilurin that can be taken up by the leaves, crowns and roots of turf plants. The combination of xylem mobility, translaminar movement and even distribution within plant tissue, ensures that new growth is protected for up to 28 days. Best used as part of a preventative plan.

OxaFert Pre – Emergent Weedkiller


OxaFert weedkiller is a pre-emergent herbicide and fertiliser that targets weed seeds before they take hold. Targeted weeds are Broad Leaf Weeds such as bindii and flatweed, Wintergrass, Summergrass, Creeping Oxalis and Crowsfoot.

Primo Maxx


Primo Maxx is for the reduction of leaf and stem growth of lawn species and as an aid to Turf Management. Primo Maxx is a type of plant growth regulator (PGR).

Winter Maintenance

If you have looked after your lawn through autumn, then winter tends to be a quiet time for lawn maintenance. Because of this, it’s a great time to plan lawn improvements for the spring!

ColourGuard Plus Lawn Paint Ready to Use 2ltr


ColourGuard Lawn Paint will instantly green and fertilise your lawn. ColourGuard is a natural turf grass colourant that is environmentally friendly and 100% organic. It contains Nitrogen, Iron and Manganese in liquid form which is beneficial to use in winter if the lawn has gone dormant. Being liquid the turf can still take up the nutrients through the leaf.

Lawnporn Green Light


Lawnporn Green Light is a professional foliar fertiliser designed specifically to encourage a deep green colour and growth response in turf. Perfectly suited to Perth’s alkaline soils.



OxaMAX is for the pre emergent control of wintergrass, summergrass, crab grass and broad leaf weeds. Also contains a fertiliser.

Keeping your lawn looking healthy year round will be easy with seasonal lawn maintenance guide, and the awesome range of products available from Lawn Doctor!!