Lawn Doctor Turf Farms has consistently been the leading supplier of Sir Walter Turf in Western Australia and have been able to maintain this position in a competitive market.

“Down to Earth” Turf Rolls

Lawn Doctor Turf Farms doesn’t believe in giving away inadequate underlay products or gimmicky add on’s that are a waste of time and effort.

Instead, Lawn Doctor Turf Farms has put everything you need to give your lawn the best start into their “Down To Earth” turf rolls.

Lawn Doctor Turf is grown in premium soil conditions and cut thicker to ensure your new turf has all the quality soil and root profile it needs to get the best start.

“Mown it before we have Grown it”

Lawn Doctor have been qualified Turf Groundskeepers for 39 years, even before we were farmers. This means we are  in a unique position to  know which turf varieties are the most viable and easiest to maintain for West Australian householders, and we can also  give you all the help and advice you need to ensure your lawn stays the best lawn in the street for years to come. Not just when it is first laid!

Unlike most farms, we have “mown it before we have grown it”!! Most of our competitors have nothing to do with  turf once it leaves the farm gate, and turf growing practices are very different to turf maintenance practices. This, plus our warranty, will guarantee that it is not you who will be “moaning and groaning” about your new lawn in 6 months time!

Why we are the leading supplier of Sir Walter Turf

  • We can supply you with lawn and lawn starter products 6 days a week.
  • We have a handy retail outlet in Wangara open 6 days a week with fresh turf available on site for pickup or  for any of your lawn and garden needs.
  • We will supply and deliver any quantity of lawn.
  • Lawn orders can often be picked up the same day.
  • Next day delivery available for orders placed before 10am.
  • We deliver with a forklift.
  • We are unique as we have 39 years experience in maintaining and  renovating turf as well as growing quality lawn.
  • Country orders are welcome.

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