Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments for Lawn Installation

Let’s discuss soil amendments for lawns. Quite often we are asked what is the best way to prepare soil for lawn. There is several ways and most will depend on two things.

1) your current soil

2) your budget.

What is “Good Soil” for Perth Lawns

More often than not, the soil you have is going to be pretty good for your new lawn. Your not trying to create an “Optus Stadium” but you are wanting to give your soil the boost it needs to give you a great home lawn that you will enjoy without too much effort, unlike Optus Stadium. It is not difficult to add the right soil amendments for lawns.

When it comes to soil for lawns we are looking for water holding, not repellent. Nutrient holding, not leaching. Free draining, not flooding and one that doesn’t compact.

Sounds difficult right! Wrong! Understanding what you want to achieve makes it simple. To avoid digging out and throwing away your soil on your property we have been using a product that’s just perfect for lawns. It is called “Soils Solver Clay Plus” (SSCP). SSCP is a clay product, 100% natural and really easy to use.

Clay has a strong cation exchange which basically means it has a strong negative charge that attracts positive charges to hold them in the soil, these charges are the nutrient elements we apply with fertilisers. Not throwing your money away and keeps nutrient in the soil (nutrient holding). It is also fine, so it fits in between the larger sand grains which increases the capillary action ( ability to hold moisture like a sponge) so now you have water holding.

How To Use Soil Solver Clay Plus

The key is to spread it out evenly over your surface and rotary hoe to blend it in with your existing soil so you don’t have layers ( layering causes water and nutrient to be retarded in its ability to percolate into the root zone). If you didn’t blend it you would have a hard layer, so blended equals no compaction. So simply you now have the perfect rootzone for your lawn.













SSCP is a kaolinite clay which unlike bentonite doesn’t clump. Bentonite is popular in cat litter. Kaolinite is what is used as base products for makeup, so the fact it doesn’t clump also promotes it as a product that will disperse well, I urge you to google it and make your own decision. The producers highlight all the benefits.

We do not have any affiliation with the makers of this product and get no payments for promotion, it’s simply a great product which is why we sell it

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