Real grass or fake grass? Obviously, we prefer the real deal here at Lawn Doctor. But there are significant reasons why real or natural grass is a far better option than going artificial.


Artificial grass gets scorching hot! It will warm up in the sun, with studies showing startling observations up to 93-degrees in surface temperature on a 37-degree day, getting hotter than pavement in full light! This often means throughout summer an artificial lawn will become unusable for pets and kids if it is not watered regularly.

In February 2022 a synthetic football pitch in Sydney reached up to 88 degrees, near-boiling temperatures on a 28-degree day! Natural turf is up to 15-degrees cooler than the ambient temperature on a hot day and can help to keep your home cool. With research showing that a natural lawn cools the environment equivalent to 4 evaporative air conditioners!


Now a very common misconception about artificial grass is that because it doesn’t require water, it is better for the environment. This could not be further from the truth.
This water theory is debunked by the fact that to cool your environment, you will need to irrigate the artificial turf to bring the temperature down. You also need to regularly clean the artificial turf, which also involves water. Natural grass will filter rain into the soil instead of allowing it to run off into the gutter and drains. 100sqm of lawn also cleans the air of carbon dioxide and emits enough oxygen in a day for a family.

Artificial turf has a significant carbon footprint from the manufacturing process and is produced from plastics containing petrochemicals. Plastics have significant detrimental effects on the environment.
Once an artificial lawn has reached its used by date, it will need to go into landfill.


For us natural turf is a no brainer when it comes to your health. There is less potential for injury and the joy that a natural grass lawn brings to a family cannot be matched. In recent times, some sporting grounds have opted to use artificial turf surfaces. Results so far are quite poor for artificial surfaces with a significant increase in injuries caused by these playing surfaces.
Many clubs and players report that the surfaces are too hard and that they much prefer to play on a natural surface.


A natural lawn will require a little more maintenance. If you stick to a routine, it really isn’t much more than an artificial lawn. Plus, a natural lawn if maintained properly, will last forever. Artificial turfs generally last 10-15 years at best before needing to be replaced. Maintenance is still required on a fake grass. If you have pets using a fake lawn, it will need to be watered and sanitised regularly to remove odours from pet urine. If the synthetic grass is in a shaded area cleaning of algae may be needed.


Cost is one of the main factors you will consider when selecting a new lawn and natural turf wins hands down. Artificial grass can cost anywhere between $75 – $100 per square meter to supply and install if done correctly. Natural turf will cost around $25 per square metre to prepare and install and can last forever!

Natural turf also saves you money in air conditioning, with its cooling effect on the environment around the home. Unlike artificial, which can drastically increase in temperature and increase the temperature around the home.